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Book Description:

When Idowu Peters’ phone rings in Minneapolis with a Nigerian country code, his life is about to change. His sister shares the news that their father, a very wealthy man in a country beset with political turbulence, has just been murdered—and her connection drops before he can find out more.

His father murdered? Why? And why was his sister using a different phone? As the eldest son, it is his obligation to return to Lagos, 3,000 miles and a whole lifetime away. But after years as a covert operative he is finally settling down with his wife, Sarah. He dreams of starting a family and is enjoying his work of helping the police department solve murders nonviolently. His sister’s call has come at the worst possible time: Peters and Sarah are about to find out if the last round of IVF is successful.

And then, Sarah is dead, run off the road in a fatal hit-and-run. His sister had tried to warn him. Now, in his quest for revenge, he is ready to call in old favors and follow the clues back to Lagos, into the belly of the criminal syndicate that his father had been part of for years.